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Tax Type

Ebonyi State Internal Revenue Service (EBSIRS) defines tax compliance as obeying provisions of tax laws willingly, without being forced. It also means registering yourself, enterprise, non-governmental organization or a government agency with tax authority and also keeping proper records, preparing tax returns, filing and payment of taxes

Tax Law

Reviews, amendments and modifications to tax legislations are continuous, evolving with global best practices and in keeping with the local socio-economic realities. The review and amendment of tax legislation is in keeping with the formal tax amendment process as provided for in the Nigerian constitution Read More

How to Pay

Our payment process is simple and straight foward with a few steps. The tax type is calculated and paid at one of our collecting banks or on one of our online platforms with the correct revenue head for proper documentation. e-recipts and Tax Clearance Certificate can then be collected at the EBSIRS head office

Self Service

Self-service in our context, we have deployed Self-Service Technologies (SSTs) which are technological interfaces allowing taxpayers with the intention to make service transactions more accurate, convenient and faster. From self assessment, tax payment platforms, application forms and more.

Why Pay Tax?

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Here Are A Few Reasons

Free Education and Medicare: The taxes that we pay are what enable the lesser privileged many to get a good education and healthcare that they cannot afford themselves. In fact the government is able to work out plans of free primary education or free health care for the under privileged only because of the income that it gains from tax payers.

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